Working with NCIBI

Anyone interested in pursuing a collaboration with NCIBI is encouraged to contact Project Manager James Cavalcoli. If collaboration seems promising, we will identify the NCIBI investigator most appropriate for the proposed research and facilitate the collaboration.

In addition, there are two mechanisms for establishing formal collaborations with NCIBI:

NCBC Collaborative R01 and R21 RFP
These RFPs are intended for projects from individual investigators or small groups interested in collaborating with the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research National Centers for Biomedical Computing (NCBCs). The intention is to engage researchers across the nation in building a premier biomedical computing environment, using the computational tools and biological and behavioral application drivers of the funded NCBCs as foundation stones.

R01: Collaboration with National Center for Biomedical Computing (PAR-08-184)

R21: Exploratory Collaborations with National Center for Biomedical Computing (PAR-08-183)

Proposal preparation is the responsibility of the collaborating investigator. After reviewing the research plan and approving the budget for the proposed collaboration, NCIBI's principal investigator will write a letter affirming support for the collaborating investigator's proposal, if appropriate. The precise nature of the collaboration with NCIBI must be clearly described in the proposal, and the proposal itself must be completely self-contained, so that a reviewer need not consult any material or web sites other than the application in order to judge its merit. See below for important dates and timelines.

Please contact NCIBI Project Managers James Cavalcoli or K.P. Unnikrishnan if you are interested in submitting an application for either NCBC Collaborative R01 or R21.

R01 Important Dates:

  1-4 Page Draft to NCIBI Due Date Application Due Date Scientific Merit Review Advisory Council Review
Cycle I December 15 February 5 June-July September-October
Cycle II April 15 June 5 October-November January-February
Cycle III August 15 October 5 February-March May-June

R21 Important Dates

  1-4 Page Draft to NCIBI Due Date Application Due Date Scientific Merit Review Advisory Council Review
Cycle I January 6 February 16 June-July September-October
Cycle II May 6 June 16 October-November January-February
Cycle III September 6 October 16 February-March May-June