Sirarat SarntivijaiSirarat Sarntivijai

B.S. Computer Science (Mahidol University, Thailand)
M.S. Bioinformatics (University of Michigan)
Ph.D. Candidate in Bioinformatics (Fall 2008 - Present)


Advisor: Brian Athey

Research Interests: Biomedical Ontology


Research at NCIBI

Biomedical ontology in practice, the research is divided into three parts: motivation, creation, and application. The analysis of clinical and biomedical data in use these days has revealed the urgent in data reorganization to aid automated bioinformatics. This results in the need to create a new ontology, reuse an existent ontology, and apply these ontologies to a practical use that will bridge experimental biomedical science to clinical research.

Ontologies that I have created:

Cell Line Ontology (Co-mentor: Dr. David J. States) A bioinformatics analysis of the cell line nomenclature (Sarntivijai S, Ade AS, Athey BD, States DJ. Bioinformatics. 2008 Dec 1;24(23):2760-6)

Adverse Event Ontology (Co-mentor: Dr. Yongqun He) Inactivated and attenuated Influenza vaccines induces different vaccine-induced adverse events and gene responses (Sarntivijai S, Ade AS, Xiang Z, Athey BD, He Y. under review)


Sarntivijai S, Ade AS, Athey BD, States DJ. A bioinformatics analysis of the cell line nomenclature. Bioinformatics 2008; 24(23): 2760-6. PMID: 18849319.