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Visualize gene interaction networks based on merged interaction data from MiMI. 

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Download MiMI Plugin via mimiplugin.ncibi.org
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The MiMI Plugin for Cytoscape is an open source interactive visualization tool you can use for analyzing protein interactions and their biological effects. The MiMI Plugin couples Cytoscape, a widely used software tool for analyzing bimolecular networks, with the MiMI database, a database that uses an intelligent deep-merging approach to integrate data from multiple well-known protein interaction databases. The MiMI database has data on 119,880 molecules, 330,153 interactions, and 579 complexes.

By querying the MiMI database through Cytoscape you can access the integrated molecular data assembled in MiMI and retrieve interactive graphics that display protein interactions and details on related attributes and biological concepts. You can interact with the visualization by expanding networks to the next nearest neighbors and zooming and panning to relationships of interest. You also can perceptually encode nodes and links to show additional attributes through color, size and the visual cues. You can edit networks, link out to other resources and tools, and access information associated with interactions that has been mined and summarized from the research literature information through a biology natural language processing database (BioNLP) and a multi-document summarization system, MEAD. Additionally, you can choose sub-networks of interest and use SAGA, a graph matching tool, to match these sub-networks to biological pathways.


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